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What "Going Public" with Abuse Could Mean in the SBC

Tomorrow, as delegates of the Southern Baptist Convention gather in Birmingham, Alabama, each would do well to pull out a cell phone to listen and read in a nutshell what we SBC survivors of professional sexual abuse want to see changed.

While delegates begin discussing once again what they are going to do about widespread collusion, exposed repeatedly this year by the Houston Chronicle, there are sure to be many questions. Same as  for each of us who has ever gone public with "unspeakable" stories, believing that is what Love would have us do.

"What would notifying the public look like?" Pastor Chris Davis tweeted to me shortly after revelations of cover-ups of abuse by Southern Baptist missionaries were published as Article 4 in the series.

That's a question too technical to be easily answered in a tweet. So, I promised, this blog.

Then and Now
Before 2003, a U. S. citizen who committed abuse against a minor overseas could be accountable for his crimes only i…