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When Choices are Slim

There is still SO much more work for us to have an equitable world for those with accessibility issues. Most of us who are able-bodied take a hundred things for granted every day, believe me. I now see many that others do not see. I was oblivious to the barriers myself until 6 years ago when my husband was suddenly spending most of his waking hours in a power wheel chair. Like yesterday, one of the most frustrating days we've had in a long time. First, in our lovely South Park here in Lawrence, KS. You'd think it would not be a problem. Well, think again. A great international event, right down our alley. Except we were totally frustrated. Back home, Ron said it was just another "mistake" he'd made in trying to go. Every two feet, I had to tap somebody on the shoulder because we couldn't even get down the sidewalks due to the groups of folks in conversation who stood way above Ron's head. We understand why they weren't looki

The Problem with New Music

Since I live in Kansas, while most of my family still remains in Texas or Oklahoma, my opportunities to connect in person with extended family are rare . Like all families, sometimes those rare connections are very positive. Other times, not so much. My most recent was one of the most memorable of my seven-plus decades. This may well have been my elderly aunt's final interchange with me. It came after Sharon, my mother's very congenial personal caregiver, tried to open a conversation that could have pulled together a few meaningful moments we'd just experienced, doing exactly what our family has done for generations--sharing music, that is. In this case, around an old rickety piano in my aunt's living room. Days earlier, the hostess had initiated the idea with my mother. in their odd way of loudly whispering something they are afraid to say "out loud." When Aunt Jo suggested that day to Mom that they try to persuade me to give the group a little conce